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Residential Aluminum Fence/Gate System
Residential aluminum fencing offers a combination of durability, strength and clean appearance, and will keep their attractive finish over a lifetime. Residential grade fence is the perfect choice to complement any architectural or landscape design.
Commercial Aluminum Fence/Gate System
Commercial aluminum fencing system applies industrial strength to a less obtrusive appearing fencing system. The commercial system can be applied to apartment complexes, factories, swimming pools, schools, shopping centers, churches or cemeteries. Available in 6' or 8' fully assembled panels.
Industrial Aluminum Fence/Gate System
Industrial aluminum fencing system combines its heaviest gauge aluminum extrusions for high visibility and substantial appearance, with aesthetic excellence. The SI system incorporates a 1” x 1” picket with 3 or 4 (1 5/8” x 1 5/8” rails (stringers)) and is fastened with stainless steel TEK screws. The finished product will beautify property lines while creating a deterrent to illegal entry. Available in 6' or 8' wide fully assembled panels. The Industrial system is available in eight standard styles and six standard colors. Custom options are available in color and size, which leave the architect/contractor the freedom to apply design flair to this high strength-fencing alternative for industrial applications.
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