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Aluminum Fence/Gate Installation

Please View/Print Detailed Installation Manual:

(Installation Manual in PDF File Format)

1) Start by staking fence line using a thread or chalk to outline fence run. Identify each post and place post in area of installation.

2) Start by setting your Gate post. If you do not have a gate than start by setting either an End Post or Corner Post.
(We recommend you install Gate after installing fence panels)

3)Once Gate post are set, insert fence panel than connect and set Line post.
(Method of installation: Post>Panel>Post>etc.)

4) Check your fence run every 5 panels to ensure level connection
(Each Fence/Gate should be atleast 2-3'' from the ground to allow yard maintenance)

5) If you have a section shorter than 6' and must cut a panel, use a hacksaw or electric saw.
(Make sure you measure twice before cutting. Panels can be further trimmed but not be extended)

6) Once you are finished installing fence it is than recommended to install Gate.

7) Call us if you need assistance: 888-622-3040