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Hills and Slopes

Our fencing products can accommodate any Hill or Slope
Aluminum Fence on a Hill
Our standard fence panels:
  • rack 7-9'' per 6ft wide panel
  • rack 8-10'' per 8ft wide panel
Steeper hills or slopes must be either double or triple-punched.

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Double-Punched panels: used for Hill/Slopes up to 30 degrees of rise or drop per 6ft wide panel.

Triple-Punched panels: necessary for slopes greater than 30 degrees.
*Note: Vertical Swivel Mount Brackets need to be attached to post for Triple-Punched panels.

Stair-Step Panels
This is for applications that require mounting two(2) fence sections at different heights. In order to do so you will need to order 1-blank Post + 1 Wall Mount Bracket (per horizontal rail).

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