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Dog Panel Option
-is incorporated into each fence/gate during fabrication

(Pictured Above)Fence Panel with Pet Panel

(Pictured Above)Standard Fence Panel w/out Pet Panel

The Dog Panel is a great addition for pet owners with small pets. The aluminum dog panel is also a great way to deter small animals from entering the yard. Additional pickets are added to the bottom portion of any fence/gate system leaving only 1.5'' in-between pickets. View dog panel pricing by selecting any one of the fence styles or gate. On the given product page you will see the option to "add doggie panel". Select "please add doggie panel" and price will automatically be adjusted to display value.
Dog Panel Picket Height by Style:
(heights below represents dog panel portion of fence/gate system)
Bennington - 18'' high
Berkshire - 18''h
Essex - 16''h
Saybrook - 16''h
Citadel - 18''h
Newport - 18''h
Storrs - 16''h
*Note: Dog panel will match top portion of fence/gates(ex. spear point panel will have spear point dog panel and smooth top panels will have smooth top dog panel.
The Dog Panel adds an additional horizontal rail to the bottom portion of each fence/gate system to support additional pickets.
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