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Industrial Grade Aluminum Fence/Gate System

Recommended Post: 2.5”sq. Post

Optional Post: 3”sq. and 4’’sq. Post

Recommended Gate Post: 3”sq., 4’’sq., and 6’’sq.


Post going into the Ground

36’’h fence/gate use 70’’h post

42’’h fence/gate use 70’’h post

48’’h fence/gate use 70’’ post

60’’h fence/gate use 84’’ post

72’’h fence/gate use 100’’h post

84’’h fence/gate use 112’’h post

96’’h fence/gate use 132’’h post

Recommended Post: 2.5’’sq.

Recommended Gate Post: 3”sq.



Post mounted on top of Deck or Solid Surface

36”h fence/gate use 70’’h post + deck mount

42’’h fence/gate use 70’’h post + deck mount

48’’h fence/gate use 70’’h post + deck mount

60’’h fence/gate use 70’’h post + welded plate

72’’h fence/gate use 84’’h post and welded plate

84’’h fence/gate use 84’’h post + welded plate

96’’h fence/gate use 100’’h post + welded plate

The use of 4’’ x 4’’ posts (or larger) going on top of a deck will require a Welded Plate for each Post. We do not carry Deck Mounts for 4’’ x 4” or 6” x 6’’ posts. 6” x 6” posts will require Wall Mounts because they are not pre-punched.